Friction-Lock Baton

friction-lock baton

The Friction Lock Baton is a a three-stage telescopic collapsible baton. It has an adjustable retention clip within a barrel bore guide, which eliminates clip breakage during closing. This baton is comfortable to carry and easy to open with a flick of the wrist. In addition, it has a built-in safety feature making it easy to access, open, control, and hold on to. This baton can be used with all standard baton techniques and tactics or training programs.


  • Basic Foam Grip – for a more traditional feel, a sure grip, and cushioning against shock
  • Super-Grip – a fluted surface texture that enhances control and retention
  • Safety Tip – crafted of urethane that allows passive drawing of the baton, useful for turning a suspect’s pockets inside out without the risk of injury from needles, knives, or other sharp objects
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friction-lock baton
friction-lock baton
friction-lock baton