hoplite tactical shield


Designed for immediate active shooter response, this exceptionally lightweight shield provides the ultimate combination of high performance protection, optimal functionality and usability.

Description Weight (lbs.)

20X30 FLAT 9.8 lbs.

20X30 FLAT W/VP 13.1 lbs.

20X30 FLAT W/VP, W/LT 15.1 lbs.

20X30 CURVED 9.9 lbs.

20X30 CURVED W/VP 13.3 lbs.

20X30 CURVED W/VP, W/LT 15 lbs.

24X36 FLAT 13.5 lbs.

24X36 FLAT W/VP 15.6 lbs.

24X36 FLAT W/VP, W/LT 17.6 lbs.

24X36 CURVED 14.6 lbs.

24X36 CURVED W/VP 16.5 lbs.

24X36 CURVED W/VP, W/LT 18.22 lbs.




hoplite tactical shield
hoplite tactical shield
hoplite tactical shield