Dragon FIre Gen 2

Taking Performance To The Edge

Taking performance to the edge means not only delivering maximum protection but pushing the limits beyond what you thought was possible in a tactical vest. The Dragon Fire™ features Point Blank’s exclusive Self Suspending Ballistic Technology, Rapid Release System and multiple sizing points for exceptional adjustability. This performance driven, side opening tactical armor system combines ultimate coverage and maneuverability with its ergonomically designed Critical Contour Cut while providing split-second adaptability – when you need it most.

Available Colors


Ranger Green


O.D. Green



  • Critical Contour Cut provides maximum ballistic coverage while providing optimum range of motion for greater manueverability and functionality
    1. Internal Shock Absorbing Straps significantly improves weight distribution
      and load bearing support
    2. Emergency Break Away System in the shoulders and waist for rapid doffing
    3. Self Suspending Ballistic Systemkeeps ballistic panels from
      sagging and bunching
    4. Multiple sizing points in the shoulders and waist allow you to “fine-tune” the fit of the vest
  • Optional shoulder protective panels offer additional coverage for
    critical breaching missions
  • Removable yoke, 2-piece collar and enhanced throat protector provides greater protective coverage
  • Removable bicep protector with plate pockets for optional 5” x 8” ballistic plates
  • Removable and adjustable cummerbund for load bearing stabilization
  • Retractable groin protector protects vital areas
  • Versatile internal holster suspension system
  • Side plate pockets can accommodate 5” x 8” ballistic plates
  • Top loading, dual size combo plate pockets in the front and rear for 8” x 10”
    or 10” x 12” plates
  • Three integrated “kangaroo” plate pockets, capable of securing AR-15,
    M16 or similar magazines
  • Non-skid “rifle butt retention” surface for both right and left hand weapon mounting
  • Extra snap webbing attachment for rifle sling security when removable shoulder protective pads are not in use
  • Maximum MOLLE compatible load bearing webbing system
  • Reinforced man-down strap
  • Complete tactical armor system includes 5 equipment pouches

0101.06 Ballistic Options

  • Available with NIJ .06 Level IIIA