ERT Shield

Designed in close collaboration with tactical operators, the E.R.T. Shield satisfies the need for a shield which is light and versatile, while being strong and robust. The shield is ambidextrous, so that left and right handed operators can use the same shield quickly and without any need to change handle positions.

It is operator friendly when used in different tactical situations, operates well in stairwells and confined space clearing/assaults as well as dynamic entry and routine patrol. The integrated weapons mount provides for single handed operation, allowing operators to deploy their firearm. The shield has a solid horizontal handle combined with three soft handles for ease of deploying the shield. The E.R.T shield offers increased head coverage against other cutout shields. This design and weight works well for all levels of shield operators and patrol officers.

Available Colors

O.D. Green



  • Advanced ballistic composite structure provides excellent multi- hit Level IIIA performance at very light weight
  • Multi-function, dual sided shooting platforms allows for weapons or arm support
  • Ambidextrous tri-support handle allows for left hand/right hand and vertical grip
  • Adjustable arm support helps provide weight transfer
  • View Port 4” x 10” Level IIIA
  • High Impact arm pad
  • Increased head coverage
  • Durable high performance rubber edging