JTC Active Shooter (Patrol Kit)

The JTC-Active Shooter Kit was specifically developed to be deployed by patrol, effectively for response to an active shooter. This kit consists of the JTC-CLAW, Sling Kit, and Vehicle Mount. This allows patrol to grab the award winning CLAW and a rifle to go direct threat to the emergency. The 10 lb. CLAW was specifically invented to be used by a novice no matter what their physical capabilities are, thus allowing them to effectively use the tool to open an inward or outward opening


  • Easy and convenient for anyone to use
  • Comes with a full set of instructions with warnings
  • High performance at a great value
  • JTC Claw actually works where others have failed
  • One 10 lb. JTC Claw mounted to the trunk of the Crown Vic and the trunk will stay open
  • Pop the strap, sling up and you’re ready to go